Private Prosecutions

The police service is under undoubtedly under pressure in terms of resourcing and demand. Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners are under increasing pressure to deliver for their communities and make hard choices as to where those resources should be allocated.

IMI is well positioned to facilitate private prosecutions for clients and to support the legal profession to pursue both criminal and civil outcomes on behalf of their clients.

Our investigators are incredibly well experienced in all facets of investigation and file preparation and operate with the utmost integrity and resilience. The investigations section of this website gives details of the skills of our investigators and indicates the quality of the investigations and case file preparation they provide.

IMI will provide a detailed review and analysis of existing case material, identify gaps, develop appropriate investigation plans and deliver them.

Our experience of crime scene management, exhibit handling, interviewing (both suspect and witnesses), surveillance and deployment of other covert assets, digital forensic capabilities, custody procedures and police investigative practices all ensure that IMI provides a first class professional service which is second to none.

Our relationships with private prosecutors enable us to provide cost-effective packages to clients who are seeking an investigation and prosecution solution.

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